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Study Finds Human Stem Cell Extracts Speed Skin Wound Repair

Your skin is meant to protect your body and internal organs from insult and injury. But it sometimes takes a beating -- and sustains cuts, bruises, abrasions and burns. How quickly your skin recovers from those traumas -- and the probability of scarring -- is dependent on the ability of your skin to rejuvenate or repair itself. Recently, a study investigated how human stem cell extracts from Lifeline Skin Care may help the skin repair itself after a wound.

Before: Two petri dishes were filled with fibroblast conditioned media (used in labs to grow human skin cells and keep them stable). The control on the left was untreated. The dish on the right was treated with Lifeline’s proprietary human stem cell extract, HSC-X

Scratch: Both surfaces were then scratched right down the middle. Immediately, the fibroblasts (connective tissue cells that secrete proteins to help generate new tissue) migrated away from the wounded area.

After 24 hours: Fibroblasts began to return to the wound site, but the concentration of fibroblasts in the control was only 115 cells; the concentration of fibroblasts in the Lifeline-treated area was almost 227 cells -- 92% higher.

Conclusion: Lifeline Skin Care's proprietary human stem cell extracts accelerate the ability of wounded skin to repair and rejuvenate itself.

You'll find Lifeline's stem cell extracts in:

These anti-aging skin care products can help your own skin repair itself -- by helping to accelerate the creation of new skin cells. New skin cells can help "plump" up the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Lifeline Skin Care and its affiliates do not guarantee specific results. Results may vary.


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