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Neck Firming Complex - Beyond The Face

Introducing Lifeline Skin Care’s newest age-defying beauty product, Neck Firming Complex

You can stick your neck out for this!  This new, innovative age-fighting formula delivers rapid results to visibly lift, firm, smooth and tighten aging skin on the neck.

You’ll love the way your skin looks and feels after just one use.  This intense moisturizing complex glides on smoothly and absorbs quickly, leaving no oily residue or greasy feel. Smooth away wrinkles and promote elasticity of the neck and décolleté with this deeply hydrating complex resulting in younger looking skin.

Results You Can Expect Using Lifeline's Neck Firming Complex:

Besides a beautiful healthy glow, you’ll also:

  • Restore neck firmness and elasticity
  • Boost collagen production
  • Balance skin tone and minimize pigment issues
  • Stimulate new cell growth
  • Minimize redness and appearance of wrinkles

How Lifeline's Neck Firming Complex Works

A scientifically advanced formula, using peptides derived from non-embryonic stem cells, along with highly potent specialized ingredients, including dynamic moisturizers, Lifeline’s Neck Firming Complex restores the appearance of a firmer, smoother, and younger looking neck, while also revealing a more even skin tone.

What makes Lifeline Skin Care so Safe and Effective?

Lifeline Skin Care offers safe and effective products you can trust. Lifeline Skin Care was developed by International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO), a publicly traded biotechnology company which developed a completely new class of human stem cells using a natural process called parthenogenesis. Parthenogenetic stem cells are created from unfertilized eggs avoiding the ethical controversies associated with embryonic stem cells.

Using advanced stem cell technology, this “biotech” approach in skin care addresses neck aging concerns and delivers rapid results for a more youthful appearance.

No more hiding your neck or chest with scarves because of aging skin.  Order Your Neck Firming Complex today for a more youthful looking neck and décolleté. Low-cut shirts and dresses, here you come!

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