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Stem Cell Anti Aging Skin Creams Can Visibly Renew Skin

International Stem Cell Corporation, the parent of Lifeline Skin Care, is making scientific discoveries that are literally going to change our lives. International Stem Cell Corporation is involved in non-embryonic stem cell research. Non-embryonic stem cell therapies offer the opportunity to cure diseases – including diabetes, blindness, Parkinson’s’ disease. This is really the next generation, where we’re taking biomedical technology, things discovered in biomedical labs that will be used to treat diseases and applying that to stem cell skin care.

Lifeline Stem Cell Cosmetics Stimulate Collagen Production
As we get older, our skin changes. And to make it look younger, we have to plump the skin out and make it look thicker. That diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and helps disguise the folds that are around the nose and the mouth. Lifeline Skin Care delivers to your skin the message that you can look and feel younger. We extract from human non-embryonic stem cells the fibroblast growth factors, the epidermal growth factors, the proteins that stimulate collagen production.

Dr. Gregory Keller, MD, FACS: "As a result, the stem cell extract really can rejuvenate the appearance of skin in a way that we have not seen with retinols or niacins -- or anything else." For thousands of years there have been cosmetics. But now we’re into a game-changing cosmetic – a stem cell skin derived cream that actually will help the way your skin looks and the way it performs, which is different than anything anybody else offers.

In the future, stem cells will treat diseases. Today, Lifeline Skin Care can help visibly renew your skin like no other skin care product has ever been able to do.

Lifeline Skin Care and its affiliates do not guarantee specific results. Results may vary.

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