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Lifeline's Stem Cell Skin Care Technology Creates Unique Stem Cell Cosmetics

Lifeline Skin Care’s exclusive rejuvenating skin products are a combination of several discoveries and unique high-technology, formulations made by its parent company International Stem Cell Corporation (OTCBB:ISCO). Our multi-step process involves extracting proteins (peptides, amino acids and enzymes) from the parthenogenetic (non-embryonic) stem cells, encapsulating the proteins inside microscopic "nanospheres" and adding our advanced formulation of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to produce the finished serum.


The theory of how human stem cells produce beneficial effects for human skin cells is based on how stem cells communicate with the cells surrounding them. Human cells have the ability to communicate with each other using various types of signals. These cell-to-cell messages can be in the form of protein molecules that the stem cells send out to instruct their neighboring cells to create new cells either to repair damaged tissue or during early human development. The first stage in the process of creating the serum is to extract these proteins from living parthenogenetic (non-embryonic) stem cells.

However, the proteins would quickly degenerate unless they were carefully protected, so the next step is to utilize “nanotechnology” to create “nanospheres” or microscopic bubbles, to encapsulate these valuable stem cell extracts. These microscopic capsules protect the stem cell extracts from exposure to air and water.

The nanospheres also help the proteins to penetrate into your skin.  (Molecules in many other anti aging creams are too large. They never penetrate your skin at all -- they just remain on the surface.)

Once the nanospheres in Lifeline stem cell skin care come in contact with your skin, they penetrate the outermost layer, then open and deliver the extracts directly to the lower skin layers where they can activate new collagen and elastin production. In this manner, the protein extracts are available to living tissue and the beneficial effects discovered in the laboratory are transferred to aging or damaged skin.

The final step in creating these breakthrough serums is to incorporate the nanospheres containing the stem cell extracts into an advanced formulation containing antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, moisturizers, and the latest discoveries in natural extracts to prevent and repair damage caused by the environment and promote healthy younger-looking skin.

Lifeline Skin Care has worked with leading skin cream formulation experts to be sure that the final products would preserve the critical stem cell extracts while delivering the most up-to-date advances in skin rejuvenation technology. Lifeline’s skin serums have been independently tested for safety and efficacy according to relevant US FDA regulations using internationally recognized testing organizations and dermatology clinics. Both independent third party testing and our own field testing indicates that Lifeline stem cell serums have significant positive effects on the look and feel of the skin.

Lifeline Skin Care and its affiliates do not guarantee specific results. Results may vary.